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We’re Growing Again!

Jobs That Rock! Rock The House is looking for people with passion who want an opportunity to impact their client’s most important days. Our mission is to provide industry-leading products and services that are superior to those of our competitors through innovation, strength of character, attention to detail, and our commitment to unparalleled customer service, while maintaining […]

Explaining Event Lighting

There’s More To It Than You Think By now, most of our clients know lighting is an important to the success of an event. Often, that’s all they know. We work to educate our clients on the different ways lighting can impact your guests and compliment features. Event lighting might not be what you think. […]

Cleveland Rocks New Year’s Eve

CLE Rocks NYE Rock The House is honored to have been chosen as the official production partner of Cleveland New Year’s Eve Alliance and the Ohio Homecoming Group’s “Cleveland Rocks New Year’s Eve” this year in downtown Cleveland! Celebrating our hometown with other passionate business owners is a privilege made even better by partners we call friends. Last year’s […]

Team Member of the Month – Travis Rose

A Perfect Balance of Leadership and Entertainment  Travis Rose has been with the Rock The House team for only two and a half years. We exaggerate “only” because we wouldn’t have had our most successful years with out him. Travis has a skill set so vast there could be a book about it – MC skills, […]

Team Member of the Month – Chad Goldberg

A Youthful Inspiration Within the Warehouse Rock The House has always been a company that looks at its own employees to grow and take on leadership roles. We embody the spirit of advancement from within the organization. With a constant growth, we make sure that when new employees join the team they are the right […]

COSE Small Business Pitch – A Shark Tank Style Event

COSE Small Business Pitch Showcases Ohio Entrepreneurs ABC’s Shark Tank started in 2009 with investors looking to find the next big thing. It has garnered a following of entrepreneurs, dreamers, doers, and people who truly believe in themselves and their product. Average people with an idea they brought to fruition come into The Tank and […]

Team Member of the Month – Sean Tyrrell

A Helping Hand When You Need It the Most Rock The House is a living, and breathing machine. The people within the company are always going to keep the heart beating and the joints moving. Every so often we bring on an employee who takes us from a jogging state to a full on sprint. […]

Rock The House goes Over the Edge for Hattie Larlham

Over the Top Production Team goes Over the Edge for Charity At Rock The House we always take our production over the top, and thanks to the fundraising efforts of a local charity, we literally got to go over the top of a building! This past Saturday our marketing coordinator, Tim Long, participated in Over […]

What Is An Industry Leader?

Challenge Accepted When it comes to the definition of what it means to be an industry leader, it might not be what you think. Many people think that the term is designated for those who are the largest companies or have the most popular services. That’s not really what it takes to be an industry […]