Incredible Team, Incredible Results: A Cleveland Bar Mitzvah Success Story

Riddle me this: What’s blue and orange and FUN all over? A successful Bar Mitzvah at Porsche of Beachwood, of course! This high-end party was produced by creative visionary, Joe Mineo, of Something New Events in Canfield, Ohio and he decided to bring Rock The House along for the ride! 

On May 23, 2015, Porsche of Beachwood was transformed from a luxury car dealership to a colorful, high-energy explosion of creative décor, entertainment, lighting, food, family, and friends. Rock The House provided DJ entertainment, staging, lighting, and Rock Shots Ultimate Basketball Pop A Shot Rental (our newest 4 player interactive digital basketball game).

Lead technician and DJ for the night, Alex Kay, was able to paint a great picture for us of the extravagant lighting display Rock The House created: “We suspended a 90’ truss spine in the middle of the ceiling which spanned almost the entire length of the service bay. We were able to use this as a base for various moving lights, TVs, and fog machines, which added a lot of depth and dimension to the room. The truss spine really created a complete environment and made the entire room feel like a party!”

Our energetic and enthusiastic entertainment team was the perfect for this unique event and offered a great mix of interaction and excitement for all age groups present. With a plethora of activities from photo booths and tattoos to the ice cream truck for dessert there was no way to have anything less than a GREAT time!

Lead by the amazing team at Something New Events along with the support of fellow vendors Rock The House, RED The Steakhouse/Moxie, and Steve Hacker, this Bar Mitzvah was certainly an event to be remembered!

Rock The House Presents: Photos In A Flash

At Rock The House we pride ourselves on having the latest and greats pieces of technology. Often times we will review the products we offer to assure that we are presenting you with the top of the line devices. As a result, we have some cool things in our shop that you may see behind the scenes of your event. We control our lighting with iPads, equalize audio with the most up to date mixing boards, and test our fog machines –sometimes just for fun

With continued technology and the evolution of computer storage, we figured it was time to say goodbye to CD/DVD discs. Starting this month, Rock The House will be sending out all photo novelty pictures on 8-Gigabyte flash drives.

These drives are at no additional cost when you book our standard photo packages. It is our way of assuring that you get your photos back, in a flash! The drive will come in a protective plastic case to make sure there is no damage. You will receive the digital files from your event shortly after the conclusion. Once you have saved your photos to your computer and shared them online, the flash drive is yours to keep!

Rock The House will continue to procure items that make our production value the best around. We always want our products to match our excellent services to the customer – and that has been proven time and time again.

Rock The House – New Playlist Series

We at Rock The House are excited to announce our new Spotify playlist series!

Considering that we are listening to music all day, building playlists for your wedding, jamming to Rock The House Live band practice, and dancing on Marvin Gaye on Mondays, we thought it was time to start sharing our wealth of musical knowledge.

This collection will be 100% free to you, as long as you have a Spotify account, which you can sign up for at no cost as well. We want to provide you with music for holidays, wedding dance ideas, throwbacks, and much more. As time goes on the collection will grow and soon you will have a playlist built for every event imaginable!

We are kicking off our featured playlist for this holiday weekend. Check out our 4th Of July playlist for all tunes that with the theme of Independence Day – from Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus to American Pie by Don McClain. This hour and twenty minute long list will give your party the patriotic flair it deserves while you kick back and enjoy some friends, family, and fireworks.

We hope you all have a great 4th Of July weekend and check back soon for more great playlists!