Team Member of the Month – Chad Goldberg

A Youthful Inspiration Within the Warehouse

Rock The House has always been a company that looks at its own employees to grow and take on leadership roles. We embody the spirit of advancement from within the organization. With a constant growth, we make sure that when new employees join the team they are the right fit. In this special case, we were able to groom one from the beginning.

Chad Goldberg is one of the younger employees at RTH. So young in fact, we helped with his Bar Mitzvah only four short years ago. On his special day he got a taste of what it was like to party with RTH and couldn’t let it go. He has now been with the team for two and a half years.  Chad believes in teamwork and knowing that events cannot come together single handedly.

rth team member, goldberg, chad, warehouse, production

“My favorite part of being part of this team is knowing that I can always rely on any other member of the team for help and to get our assigned job done efficiently.

Being part of the RTH team means, a lot since it is such a unique job. I get to come to work every weekend and see a tremendous amount of talent all come together and do what we love. Being part of the RTH team is like being part of a second family; we spend so much time together that we all get to know each other very well.”

Production Manager Ben Allison strongly believes in Chad’s abilities. So much so that he even lets him take the lead on some warehouse work.

“Chad is a motivated, self reliant, team player. He does what is needed to get the job done and supports his co-workers, all while soaking up anything and everything he can learn. He is important because seeing a young face striving for so much and achieving, inspires and motivates others. I hope that people can draw from his positive attitude and leadership mentality.”

Chad began at Rock The House as a shop assistant. Performing manual labor such as moving road cases, sweeping the shop, wrapping cables, and every other task you can image in a production warehouse.  His perseverance has pushed him to where he is now. A lot can happen in two and a half years, and with his head held high, Chad will become even more valuable as years go bye. His passion for event production is unmatched when it comes to his age group.


“The thing I enjoy most about contributing to clients events is seeing their initial reaction when they walk into the venue and putting forth my best effort to make it an enjoyable, memorable event.”

We truly enjoy having Chad around the shop and office. He is always eager to help out and his thirst for learning will take him far.

COSE Small Business Pitch – A Shark Tank Style Event

COSE Small Business Pitch Showcases Ohio Entrepreneurs

ABC’s Shark Tank started in 2009 with investors looking to find the next big thing. It has garnered a following of entrepreneurs, dreamers, doers, and people who truly believe in themselves and their product. Average people with an idea they brought to fruition come into The Tank and pitch their concept to a panel of businessmen and women who have proven success in their respective fields.  Some times the Sharks believe in the entrepreneur’s dreams and invest, and often times they pass on the commodity of these business hopefuls.

Fast forward to 2014 and The Council of Smaller Enterprises, also known as COSE, can attest that people want to see business competition, and they are making it happen for the third year in a row. The setting may not be the glitz and the glam of TV network studio, but a safari themed oasis in Sandusky, Ohio known as Kalahari Resorts & Convention.

COSE brings their Small Business Convention to Kalahari every October and the COSE Business Pitch Competition is one of the highlights of the convention. After several months and a few rounds of competition, the finals are set in a similar style to SharkTank. The prizes vary from $5,000 for third and fourth place, $10,000 for second, and a grand prize of $20,000 to the first place winner.

Rock The House provides audio, lighting, video, and our social media wall known as SocialCast to the three-day convention. During this time we get to showcase what we do best while enjoying the stories of other small business in the Northeast Ohio area.

This year brought out four very diverse finalists – Brewnuts, Colby Featherbottom’s Custom Sound Machines, Consult Mango, and The Digital Mosaic.

Each of the company’s leaders is allowed 15 minutes to present their product to a panel of judges, answer questions from the judges, and field a Q&A with the audience. After that hour has passed, the judges gather to discuss to select a winner for the $20,000 prize.

The first pitch was from Eric Vennaro of Consult Mango. Eric and his company have a strong belief in the education for international students wanting to learn in America. Consult Mango is an advertising platform that helps colleges and universities post ads and create content on international social media.

The second pitch came from Shelley Fasulko of Brewnuts. Shelley began her company with fiancé John Pippin about a year ago. By combining two of America’s favorite things, beer and donuts, you can bet Brewnuts is one sweet deal. They are putting a whole new spin on bar food, and hope to open their permanent location in Ohio City next year.

Thirdly came Ryan Schoeneman of Colby Featherbottom’s Custom Sound Machines. Ryan believes in creating custom guitars at a lower cost and a quicker turn around time.  His pitch fits perfectly with a city like Cleveland – the heart of Rock and Roll.

Finally came Natalie Bauman of The Digital Mosaic. Natalie is bringing her innovative approach of video storytelling to families, senior living facilities and senior communities. Her app will help catalog family stories, one moment at a time.

The judges came back from recess, and offered advice to each individual before selecting the winner.

Tied for third place and each taking home $5,000 were The Digital Mosiac and Consult Mango.

After a moment of suspense, Brewnuts was announced as the second place winner of $10,00 and Colby Featherbottom’s Custom Sound Machines became the COSE Small Business Pitch contest winner of $20,000.

Each leader was gleaming with joy for their prize while the handshakes and congratulations came bustling to each of the four contestants. The night is surely a memorable one for each company, and each business is sure to thrive in the coming year.

Team Member of the Month – Sean Tyrrell

A Helping Hand When You Need It the Most

Rock The House is a living, and breathing machine. The people within the company are always going to keep the heart beating and the joints moving. Every so often we bring on an employee who takes us from a jogging state to a full on sprint. That is exactly the bolt of energy that Sean Tyrrell has given to keep up our pace.
sean tyrrell cleveland dj dancer
Sean has been with RTH for a little bit over a year now. He considers this a team and rarely calls his tasks ‘work’ since someone is always willing to help out. Holding a mantra of being friendly to everyone you meet while working has led him to some memorable events. Being a dancer and a production technician gives him an unique edge as an entertainer.
We asked him his favorite memory from working at Rock The House:
“I was working photo magic at a Mitzvah but it didn’t stop me from dancing with some of the kids at my booth. The other dancers started a dance circle to show the kids what they’ve got. The looks on all the kids’ faces were priceless. I was called out to the floor and I did a slow motion head-slide that slowly sped up with the song. The atmosphere of that party was unreal!”
It wasn’t until the begging of this summer that Sean really proved he had what it takes to be in the spotlight on the dance floor and behind the scenes.  He stepped up to take the lead on show load-in/outs, danced on high profile events, and operated photo systems for high profile clients. Many people may not see the depth in those tasks, but Sean understood how it was a direct reflection of Rock The House and how people see us.
Our Creative and Talent Coordinator, Ryan Konikoff, added his impression of Sean:
“Sean is the kind of guy you want working next to you, he’s fun and upbeat, but understands the company and clients’ goals and works towards those while keeping a positive demeanor.  With a higher than average amount of bookings over the last summer, he has made himself available to help the team either as an onsite tech or staying late in the warehouse to make sure the shows are prepped and ready to go.”
A year ago we could not see how lucky we were to have Sean on our team, but now that he is here, we can’t thank him enough. We are always looking for the next rising star and a year can tell a lot about the people you have working for you. Sean proved he has what it takes to be a high profile member of the Rock The House team.