What Is An Industry Leader?

Challenge Accepted

When it comes to the definition of what it means to be an industry leader, it might not be what you think. Many people think that the term is designated for those who are the largest companies or have the most popular services. That’s not really what it takes to be an industry leader. Being an industry leader means you are committed to innovation, education, growing the industry as a whole and thinking about a larger picture bigger beyond just your company.

We’re proud of the impact of our team on the event industry as a whole. From local positions on the ISES Cleveland Board of Directors (including the Vice President of Membership and the Incoming President) to being asked to volunteer on International committees, we’ve created an environment where giving back is part of our culture. Rock The House team members have been asked to speak at events all over the country because of our willingness to elevate the industry to new levels of achievement. Volunteering doesn’t stop there, our Marketing Director, Nick Borelli, has been asked to take on the responsibilities of Marketing and Public Relations for The SEARCH Foundation which raises money for event professionals when they need it the most. These types of volunteer positions are often thankless and have little impact on revenue all while being some of the most rewarding experiences in the carriers of our team.

We at Rock The House believe that leadership is not a position, its a state of being and a commitment to evolving. When we say we are an industry leader, its not to boast but a point of distinction and pride in our ongoing efforts to better everyone we come in contact with. The better our industry gets the more clients lives we can positively impact, and that’s why we do what we do.

Pictures from this week’s ISES Live in Seattle:

On the Rise and Ready to Shine

The Cleveland Event World is About to Take Center Stage

This year Cleveland installed the world’s largest outdoor chandelier. Soon to be outdone the GOP announced Cleveland as their home for the 2016 Republican National Convention. Then the prodigal son of Akron decided he was also ‘Coming Home’. But before any Cavalier games or committee speeches begin, the City of Cleveland will welcome nearly 30,000 guests with very diverse backgrounds as The Gay Games 9 will begin with their opening ceremonies on August 9th.

In preparation for Ohio’s biggest event this year, Positively Cleveland and The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio teamed up this past month to teach companies about accommodating individuals attending the Gay Games.  Rock The House was among several companies on hand for the Gay Games LGBTQ Cultural Competency Training Program.

The Cleveland event and hospitality industries have been two of the more inclusive business practices with diverse backgrounds of LGBTQ individuals for several years. The class was a thought provoking discussion with exercises to understand the LGBTQ vernacular as well as helping to define many uncommon phrases used within the community.

The meeting was lead by Christen DuVernay of The Diversity Center of Northeastern Ohio. Among the topics discussed, she brought attention to the ways in which companies can promote inclusion and improve communication while discovering the necessary steps to value individuals.

The attendees also learned different tactics for addressing discriminatory behaviors outside and within their own organizations. The class then examined the difference between microinsulting (using derogatory words to describe a person) and microinvalidation (a form of microaggression that excludes or negates a person’s thoughts or feelings).

The class concluded with a group exercise that dealt with subconscious microinsults and how you would solve issues as an organizational leader.

To learn more about the The Diversity Center of Northeastern Ohio and their mission you can visit them here.

To learn all about The Gay Games and its positive impact on the city of Cleveland, visit GG9CLE.com