Your Votes Were Heard

Six 2014 CBC Connector’s Choice Nominations


In case you didn’t know…we value your love of Rock The House! As the votes have been released for the 2014 CBC Magazine Connector’s Choice Awards Nominations we were increasingly humbled by the numbers of votes we received. 2013 will go down as one of the most important years for Rock The House. From new full-time and part-time staff additions, additional large scale corporate event clients, an exciting acquisition, and continued growth in our corporate and non-profit divisions, this was a huge year for us.

The annual Cleveland Business Connects Magazine Connector’s Choice Awards draw hundreds of professionals from the event and meeting industries to see who will walk away with the city’s top special event awards. Rock The House Entertainment lead the way with seven nominations, including Corporate Event Entertainer of the Year, Trade Show Exhibit Company of the Year, and Event Production Company of the Year. Marketing and Communications Director Nick Borelli (Networking Star of the Year), Creative and Talent Director Ryan Konikoff (Corporate Event Planner of the Year), and Client Coordinator Travis Rose (Networking Rising Star of the Year and Corporate Event Planner Rising Star of the Year) also are finalists.

We’re honored to receive the most nominations, overall votes, and most votes for one category for this phase of the awards. The next phase will be determined by the judges at CBC Magazine and announced at the February 26th awards event at State Theatre. Wish us luck!

Team Member of the Month: Julian Mendez

Growing With RTH

Julian has been with Rock The House for a total of nine years which makes him one of our senior entertainers. Being with Rock The House this long has given him the opportunity to be someone others look to for direction and inspiration. He has taken that opportunity seriously. His career has not been defined by it’s length but how he has evolved along side us. “Watching a company I’ve been with for a significant time grow from a small garage to where it is at now has been a pleasure”, says Julian.

Rock The House has a number of specialists who are really great at the one area they contribute to on a client’s event. Julian, however, is someone who has excelled at quite a few areas because he’s not satisfied with being just “good” at one thing…he wants to master many things. His dancing is where his reputation as a leader began with us and continues to be the bedrock of his connection to a number of communities in Northeast Ohio. The world of dance thrives on the mentor/student relationship and as Julian has come through the RTH ranks, he has taken that philosophy and applied it to his work ethic. COO, Ryan Konikoff, sees this as Julian’s most powerful contribution: “Julian enjoys making sure he always has a newer staff member on his team because he enjoys training and mentoring new Rock The House staff members.” “This is such a important indicator of a team leader who is worried about the whole and not just themselves.”

Julian has transitioned from dancer, to DJ ,to MC, and now to one of the top MCs. Ryan explains why Julian was the unanimous selection for the team member of the month: “Julian achieved the single most event requests in the 30 days of all employees.” “Julian has become a shining face for many venue and event planners, we have received countless notes and emails that he is their GO TO person when he is onsite.” Being such an in-demand asset to the success of our company deserves recognition. Julian was recognized in the largest way we can earlier this year as the recipient of the Rock The House Award which honors performance, attitude, and overall impact.

Julian’s favorite Rock The House memory was not one of personal achievement but those of our clients:
“As an MC at a graduation party for 3 different guests of honor, I realized I remembered the guests of honor and most of their friends from performing at their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and birthday parties from years ago.” “I had the opportunity to watch these young adults grow into young adults on their way to college.”

Having Julian as our last team member of the month for 2013 feels right. We’re ending on a strong note with our eyes on the future due in part to his contributions.

Matt Radicelli Graduates Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses

Education Never Stops

cleveland entrepreneur graduateCongratulations to the Founder/Owner of Rock The House, Matt Radicelli, who graduated, along with 36 other small business owners, from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program this past Saturday, December 14, 2013. This program was created by Goldman Sachs as a $500 million program to unlock the growth and job-creation potential of 10,000 small businesses across the United States through greater access to business education, financial capital and business support services. Through a partnership with the City of Cleveland’s Office of Economic DevelopmentCuyahoga Community College (Tri-C), and the Goldman Sachs Foundation’s $15 million endowment, this program will directly impact the region’s economy in a variety of lasting ways.

Goldman Sachs 10000 Small Businesses

During the past 12 weeks, Matt, along with a very diverse group of regional entrepreneurs, took classes across a gamut of management topics including HR, accounting, leadership, marketing, and negotiation with workshops curated by Goldman Sach’s team members. Matt was one of two graduates (along with Alec McClennan, president of Good Nature Organic Lawn Care) who were chosen by their peers to share their stories at Saturday’s graduation ceremony at Tri-C’s Advanced Technology Training Center. “My entire family both at home and at Rock The House were extremely supportive during the three month program”, says Matt. “I couldn’t have done it without their support and understanding.  They are truly appreciated!”

Matt on the impact of the program on Rock The House:

“During one of the financial clinics, a quote was used on the video screen that said, ‘Anyone Who Can Be your Competitor, Can Be Your Partner’. That Ah-ha moment led to me offering to buy one of our competitors that very same day and we closed the deal to purchase Zone Entertainment 48 hours before I graduated from the program.”

“One of the most important roles of a leader is to spend a considerable amount of time on marketing and sales innovation. The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program put me in a position where a regimented schedule gave me the opportunity to spend considerable amounts of time on the business.”

“All entrepreneurs have an inner need to create something from nothing or to continuously create and improve those around them. This program has helped to reinvigorate me and to remind me of the things that I really enjoy doing and that I need to delegate everything else.”

“The program allowed me to develop new contacts with other Cleveland-based entrepreneurs that also led to the creation of friendships with more than 40 people including my classmates and the program faculty and staff.”matt radicelli rock the house dis

For more information on the program, watch Goldman Sach’s video:


Event Expo 2013

We Rock The House of Blues at Event Expo 2013

Every October the best in the Cleveland event industry come together for Event Expo to show you what the “WOW” factor really means. This year, the House of Blues in downtown Cleveland welcomed dozens of vendors to provide you with a sample of Cleveland’s best food, entertainment, and expertise that will revitalize your outlook on how to plan an event.

Event Expo is the perfect opportunity for anyone one who is looking to organize a corporate event, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, gala, or any type of celebration. The vendors ranged from catering, entertainment, venues, facilities, speakers, photobooths, DJs, plus much more.

As you walked down the stairs toward the Scene Stage at the House of Blues, you probably noticed Rock The House front and center. Each year we try to give you a taste of what you can expect at any of our events – top-notch customer service, state of the art lighting and sound, and a photo novelty to remember your event.

Rock The House is proud to work with many of the vendors attending Event Expo. To find out more about our specialties, visit

Rock The House Acquires Zone Entertainment

Welcome To The Family

matt raddicelli jeff dick cleveland mitzvah

Photo by Making The Moment Photography on location at MOCA Cleveland

Rock The House Entertainment Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Zone Entertainment, a boutique entertainment company specializing in Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and school dances.

This announcement marks a significant benchmark in the history of both companies and is consistent with the goals and trajectories of their individual growth. Rock The House and Zone Entertainment have very similar beginnings making the perfect storm for this partnership. Both companies have shown mutual respect over the years with very open dialogue.

Rock The House Entertainment Group, Inc. is the parent company that owns and operates the Rock The House, Selective Sound Entertainment, and now the Zone Entertainment brands within Northeast and Central Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

Rock The House, an industry leading event production and entertainment company has rapidly grown since its inception in 1999. Rock The House has been recognized by the International Special Events Society, CBC Magazine, SBN Magazine, and Today’s Bride Magazine for unparalleled creativity and commitment to world-class customer service.

Founded in 2006 by Jeff Dick, Zone Entertainment has quickly become an entertainment leader in Northeast Ohio specializing in youth-based social events. Throughout the past seven years, Zone Entertainment has achieved a dedicated clientele, including many of Northeast Ohio’s largest public and private educational institutions, and exceptional growth in the areas of Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations.

As a boutique entertainment company, Zone Entertainment has prided itself in its ability to custom tailor each event to meet their guests’ specific needs, an extensive staff training program, and groundbreaking creativity within the special-events market. None of that will change; Zone Entertainment will continue to operate as an independent brand within the Rock The House family of companies with Jeff Dick remaining as President and overseeing all day-to-day operations.

rock the house matt radicelli mitzvah

Photo by Making The Moment Photography on location at MOCA Cleveland

Rock The House will independently continue as an industry leader promoting the RTH-branded, youth-based events inclusive of educational events, Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations, and community events. Rock The House will also further its agenda to expand operations and design efforts within the Corporate/Non-profit, Wedding, Production, Rental, Retail, and Installation divisions of Rock The House.

While both brands will operate independently within their respective locations, this acquisition will lead to higher quality and increased efficiency for clients of both brands. Through an expansion of specialty products and services, shared operational resources, and combined creative collaboration, both Rock The House and Zone Entertainment look forward to continuing to exceed clients’ expectations and bring new and reimagined special-event concepts to our region.

Matt Radicelli, Founder/Owner of Rock The House:

“While participating in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, I saw an inspiring quote: ‘Anyone that can be your competitor, can be your partner’. Over the last several years, Jeff has built a first-class company that is well respected in the event community. We look forward to fostering Zone’s continued growth. All of our clients will benefit from this acquisition… more energy, more diversity, and more creativity.”

Jeff Dick, Founder/President of Zone Entertainment:

“Both Rock The House and Zone have extremely talented professionals on each crew and bringing the teams together will create an ultimate recipe for success, innovation, and opportunity.”

“Keeping our guests’ best interests in mind, we are excited to be able to offer all of the positives this collaboration has to offer, while keeping the personal touch the brand has become known for. Zone will now be able to further expand its offerings to include RTH-exclusive products and services, provide a larger backup network if/when needed, and accelerate growth of the Zone brand and quality with the added resources Rock The House has to offer.”

For More Information:

About this executing acquisition: Call Rock The House’s Marketing Director, Nick Borelli, at 440.232.7625 or e-mail him at

About Rock The House: visit

About Zone Entertainment: visit


Rock The House Entertainment

Founded in 1999, Rock The House is a leading entertainment and production company located in Oakwood Village, Ohio. With 120 members on the team, the Rock The House family of companies produced over 1,000 corporate, non-profit, tradeshow, social, and educational events in 2013. Rock The House is known for its principles of creativity and world-class customer service.

Zone Entertainment

Founded in 2006 by Founder/President Jeff Dick, Zone Entertainment has established itself as one of the region’s premiere entertainment and production companies. Specializing in high-end and innovative Bar/Bat Mitzvah events and school dances, Zone continues to exceed its clients’ expectations.

Who is Rock The House?

Answer: Creative Event Professionals

Rock The House was founded by Matt Radicelli in 1999 as a small, home-based business.  Over the years, the company has developed into a full entertainment production service catering to more than 1,000 events each year. The secret to our success has been our unparalleled creativity and commitment to world class customer service. We have been recognized with nine CBC Magazine Connector’s Choice Awards, five SBN World-Class Customer Service Awards, and six International Special Events Society (ISES) Ohio WOW Awards. These awards are important bench marks because it shows consistent recognition of our industry leading products, services, and customer service.

In 2006, the company expanded beyond its walls and moved to a new home in Oakwood Village, Ohio.  The custom-designed building houses offices, comfortable meeting areas, a demo room, an equipment warehouse, and a unique culture that stimulates creativity, close relationships, and a welcoming environment for both clients and staff. The 2011 acquisition of the wedding entertainment company, Selective Sound Entertainment, further diversified our talent pool with professionals with over twenty years of event entertainment experience.

There is always something to celebrate and our staff’s goal is to make your celebration memorable. Each member of the Rock The House team contributes his/her unique talents and personality to make up a diverse, energetic, and dynamic group. You can count on us to provide exceptional service and entertainment at every event. Find out more about what makes Rock The House special –