2013 ISES Ohio WOW Awards

We Won BIG!

The 2nd annual ISES Ohio WOW Awards took place on April 19, 2013 and it was a big night for Rock The House. Created last year by John Bibbo of Event Source and Rick Jobe of Jobe & Associates, this awards event celebrates the best in the event industry in Ohio. The second year of this traveling event took place in Cleveland at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rock The House Founder/Owner, Matt Radicelli, was the Co-Executive Producer of the event which included Rock The House providing the sound entertainment, and lighting. Producing an awards event of this caliber in front of the best in our industry was both a challenge and a privilege that we were excited to take on.

Rock The House Marketing and Communications Director, Nick Borelli was also the Marketing Chair for this year’s event which brought double the attendance of the first year. The inaugural event set up a foundation for an important annual event with plans to grow each year. The 2013 ISES Ohio WOW Awards not only double the event’s attendance but also more than doubled submissions making winning more challenging then ever. Each nominee submission was graded and judged by event professionals in St. Louis and all company names were removed. Because of this, these are the most unbiased and professional awards in the state for event professional’s achievements. The process for submission is identical to those who submit for the International ISES Awards which means it is not an easy process.

Now that the dust has cleared we have so much to reflect on with this event. Working with our partners to create a beautiful event, growing attendance, and entertaining our friends made for a fun (albeit busy) night. These awards mean a lot to us because they represent both our client’s unique visions achieved as well as the hardwork of our team. We’re already looking towards 2014’s event in Cincinnati!

Rock The House won the following at the 2013 ISES Ohio WOW Awards:

Photos by Digital Photos by Dale

A Prom To Remember 2013

A Magical Night of Hope

Rock The House is really proud to have helped create “A Prom To Remember” on April 5, 2013 at The Ritz Carlton. A Prom to Remember‘s mission is to provide the ultimate prom experience for teens who have been affected by cancer. Their goal is not only to provide them something incredible to look forward to, but also to give them an experience that will give them lasting memories. This event that helps provide hope, strength and inspiration.

We’re very excited that many Cleveland businesses offered their services to help make this event one of the best proms anyone could hope for. Guests arrived via limo to a red carpet walk where they had their photos taken and were interviewed by WJW/Fox 8 reporter Kristi Capel. Attendees ages ranged from 12 to 19 with a number of guests making repeat appearances. Cleveland Browns players Greg Little and Dan Gronkowski were both on hand to hang out and play games with the students as just one of the surprises this event had in store for the guests.

Thanks to Jane Knausz, Prom Chair, for these kind words on our participation:

“Thanks so much for DJing Prom 2014.  I got a lot of good comments about the music, etc.  You are a welcome addition to our team!  As you could see, the kids had a great time.  I was very comfortable with your music selection.  And I did hear you making announcements about eating and hydrating!  That was perfect.  The kids have so much fun, they forget about that.  And with their health, it is really important they take care of themselves.”

All of us at Rock The House are excited that we had the opportunity to provide the entertainment and lighting for this important event. Being able to do what we excel at for worthy recipients is at the heart of our RTH Gives Back program.

Check out these links that talk further about A Prom To Remember:

April Team Member of the Month: Mychael DeLano

Big Impact In A Short Time

Mike has really been on a roll lately! Since joining Rock The House last August,  Mike has become the regular DJ for Founder / Owner Matt Radicelli. Being in that position takes a lot of leadership to make sure everything is just as it should be when Matt arrives to perform. Mike has done a great job working with other new staff members to make them feel at home and is always working to take his skills to the next level.

Mychael DeLano cleveland events

What make him a great example to the rest of the team is that he gives 110% at every show and is always pushing himself to improve as a performer. He is in “GO MODE” from the minute he walks in the door to start his shift straight through when the last piece of gear is scanned in when he returns to the office after a show.

cleveland entertainment events

RTH’s Ryan Konikoff has this to say about Mike: ”

“Well anyone that can keep Matt happy is important to the whole RTH Team! We’re looking forward to him working with other MCs in the summer when Matt isn’t in the field as often. He has been working hard to prepare to join the wedding team and also is very excited to ROCK some proms.”

We asked Mychael what being part of the Rock The House team has meant him. Here’s what he said:

“Being part of the Rock The House team has meant a lot to me. I’ve always thought doing something like this would be pretty cool to do since RTH entertained at my High School Homecoming and Prom. Now working for Rock The House has given me so much growth and experience that I never imagined getting this early in my career. Its even helped open other doors for me.”

“One of my favorite Rock The House memories comes from a Bar Mitzvah at Richmond Force Indoor Sports. It was one of the bigger events I had worked on at the time. It was one of the longest days I’ve had. We                         spent more time preparing and getting the event together then the event actually lasted but it was so much fun. But I had a blast and would definitely do it all over again!”

djs lighting team member month

Great work ethic + love of Music + love of entertainment = A GREAT RTH DJ

Newest RTH DJ!

Introducing DJ Scratch!

april fools!

We’ve been putting together a new division at Rock The House that is focused on adding social elements to events. Working towards this goal, we’ve brought on DJ Scratch to help us engage with more people online. As a cat, he understands what people want to see on the Internet intuitively.

Scratch is never grumpy and loves Mondays so he is available for events any day of the week. He is going to make a big impact on our social media efforts as well by…well…just being a cat. Cats were early adopters of the social media online while dogs met face to face at dog parks. His involvement in marketing will keep him busy in the day and his DJ skills will be apparent in the evenings. Who knows…maybe you’ll see Scratch at your next event!