Cleveland Event Entertainment Softball Challenge

1st Annual Rock The House / Jerry Bruno Softball Game

It’s summertime. That means shorts, hot dogs, and sports on a diamond. We decided this year to get our team together to play our friends at Jerry Bruno in a game of softball. Surprise, surprise…we have found out we have some real ballplayers. Between our all-staff meeting, holiday party, and now this event…we get to hang out with our ENTIRE team more often. This event was a huge success and we were able to raise money and can goods for the Cleveland Foodbank.

Check out this video to see the action:

Corporate Event Entertainment

Summa Health Systems Summer Party

SummaCare donated money to help give the University of Akron this world class stadium and now their employees get to spend a summer evening at the venue to celebrate a successful year. InfoCision Stadium-Summa Field in Akron, Ohio is truly a beautiful venue for a corporate holiday party. SummaCare insurance secured naming rights to the field through 2029! Their employees had the chance to play games, listen to our DJ’s music, dance, dine, and share a great night with their team members. Our event specialist helped them design an event that was both casual and laid back which is perfect for a summer corporate event.

In addition to entertainment and food, guests had the chance to have their photo taken with our Green Screen Photo Magic. Our technician made the whole experience that much more fun by guiding the guests and giving them suggestions for the photos. Out DJs, MCs, and Photo Technicians have years of experience with corporate event production From the simple to the grand, we can put together the team for you!

Welcome Travis!

Meet Our New Client Coordinator

Rock The House Entertainment Group continues to grow! Our new full-time team member is Travis Rose. Born in Concord, Ohio (where he still resides), Travis is a graduate of Bowling Green State University from the class of 2008. Formally the Director of Student Activities at Lake Erie College, he has been instrumental in event development and logistics for the school. Travis loves an environment of learning and he plans to do just that with Rock The House.

“I’m excited to join a company filled with experts in event production and entertainment”, says Travis. “I have a winner’s attitude when I take on any challenge and I feel like I’ve been given the tools to win at Rock The House”. Travis is easy going as well as detail oriented. These traits will be perfect for the position of client coordinator. He will become intimately involved with the specifics of each event making sure that our process is easy for the customer as well implemented smoothly for our production and entertainment staff. He’s excited at the prospect of working with our clients to develop their visions and create truly unique events.


City of Oakwood Village Summer Camp

DJ Camp Begins with Rock The House

June 19, 2012 was the first day of the City of Oakwood Village‘s DJ Bootcamp with Rock The House Entertainment. Our full-time entertainment lead, Eli, is teaching a group of 9 to 12 year olds from Oakwood Village the basics of DJing for a live event. Every week, the students who signed up for this camp will learn techniques Rock The House DJs use at each event. We were thrilled with this group because each attendee had a real interest in DJing. They had a great passion for music and were really paying attention. Often, with kids of this age, you would expect them to be looking at their cellphones but they came to really learn.

Eli instructed the students how to work as a team by matching sound levels. He also gave them a new perspective on DJ equipment. They began to understand that the DJ rig is more like an instrument than just an iPod and speakers. They picked that up when they had to transition between songs and monitor their levels. Graduates of this program will go on to DJ the camp’s August 10th Dance for all the students participating in the various activities provided by Oakwood Village. We were happy to help Mayor Gary V Gottschalk when he asked us to participate in this summer camp. Our company loves our community and being able to give back while also sparking passion in potential future entertainers is the perfect way to show it.

39th Annual ZippityZooDoo in Cleveland

2012 Cleveland Metroparks – Zoolin Rouge

This annual event is really special to us. Not only do we all support the Cleveland Metropark Zoo but it is a prefect chance to work with some of the best event professionals on a truly collaborative event. Everyone had an important role to play in this very successful event. Over $285,000 were raised including auction pledges!

Rock The House was selected to provide tent lighting, our Green Screen Photo Magic, and the silent auction video presentation for this fundraiser. Our silent auction video package is something we are very proud of. Our designers create dynamic images to entice attendees to bid on the fabulous donated items that the Zoo was offering. Not only is the creative process of this exciting to us but it is also a way for us to impact donations directly.

Being able to show off our ability to create a WOW factor in a tented event space is something we really excel at. This event had some of the most breath taking temporary structures from Everything Tented. We saw each guest’s jaw drop when they saw this event space.

We learned a lot about our Cleveland Metropark Zoo while at this event. Did you know that over 3,000 animals live on this 183 acre venue? It’s a pretty impressive event venue on top of being a staple of what makes Cleveland special.

Thanks to all our fellow vendors for the opportunity to show off this wonderful location:

Also, thanks to Clue In Cleveland for all the great tweets.

RTH Gives Back – 2012 Solon Relay For Life

18 Hours Running on Hope

Rock The House’s RTH Gives Back Program is dedicated to enhancing our community with our unique skills and assets. There are a wide variety of worthy causes that we give time and resources to because we love our community and we want it to be as strong as it can be.

Once again, Rock The House has provided MCs, sound equipment/production, and entertainment to the Solon Relay For Life. Over $42,000 was raised over the 18 hours of festivities that started on Friday, June 8th and continued straight through to Saturday, June 9th at 11:00 AM! Survivors between the ages of 8 and 80 were on-hand to celebrate with friends and family their success of beating cancer. It really gave hope to all who attended that a cure is possible with more research and money.

Our MCs and dancers were on hand to guide the event through every hour. In addition to keeping the flow of the event moving, Rock The House called on it’s many years experience creating and running games where everyone can be involved. 18 hours is a long time to party but we made it happen! We want to really applaud our team’s efforts because involvement in this event was purely voluntary on their part. When we say we have a commitment to our community we mean EVERYONE! The company gave it’s resources and equipment but these individuals gave up their time (very willingly) and its that level of commitment that makes us proud.

For more photos, check out our Facebook Album from this event.

June 2012 Team Member of The Month


Each month, Rock The House Entertainment management chooses one team member who has exceededall expectations. With a team this passionate, it’s a harder job than you’d think. This month, however, Shane LaPlante really stood out. Not only did management feel Shane went above and beyond his job duties, but his peers did as well. He had a number of write-in votes for this honor by those he works with at each event.

Event Entertainment Disc Jockey

Shane has been a DJ with Rock The House since he joined the team in November of 2010. He established himself early as a driven team member by requesting sessions with senior DJs to learn as many tricks as he could. This drive was recognized as the start of a truly gifted entertainer. Other team members have stated that Shane pushes them to get better at what they do, and that is a trait that makes us all proud. Traditionally, our MCs are the leaders of our events, but this does not mean that the leadership mentality has to only be realized exclusively by the show leads. Shane leads by example. By making sure the client’s first impression of the DJ rig is always impressive (by keeping everything clean and taped down) he sets his other team members up for success.

Shane told us that his favorite part of an event is the moments of reflection after a show is complete. His drive pushes him to always look for ways things could have gone smoother, and to learn from the unique situations of every show. This hunger for growth and refinement is something you can’t teach. His advice to his team is to always smile and keep cool. It’s an entertainer’s job to stay in control and to be focused on the success of the event.  In doing so, an entertainer can adapt to any challenge.

One of the most impressive things about Shane is that he is one of the most requested DJs by both venue operators and Rock The House team leaders. It is pretty rare for a venue operator to request a DJ because they are not traditionally the event’s point of contact. Shane is proof that any member of our team, regardless of their role, can make a positive impression on our clients as well as industry peers.

Mitzvah Wedding Entertainment

When we asked Shane what it means to him to be a member of Rock The House, he said his training has given him the confidence to be on stage and never be nervous.  You can always tell that Shane is having fun, and that goes a long way in helping the guests have fun!

Thanks for all your hard work, Shane! You Rock!