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Cleveland DJs, RTH LIVE! Party Band, Production Services, Lighting, Photo Booths, Videography & More!

Rock The House is a Cleveland based entertainment group that provides excellent service for any event. We will work with the client on their event to produce exactly what was envisioned. Some of the entertainment & production services we provide include Bar /Bat Mitzvah DJs, Cleveland wedding DJs, birthday DJs, anniversary DJs and school dance DJs. To get your guests on the dance floor and excited to participate, the Cleveland DJs also offer the services of party motivators. Creating a fun and engaging atmosphere is important for an event’s success and our interactive activities can help. These include photo booth rentals, video game stations, indoor sports, body art / tattoos, inflatables, casino games and much more. Rock The House can provide mementos for any event with our talented videography services. Rock The House also offers production services that make any event venue look great such as décor lighting, drapery and staging.

RTH now also offers Rock The House LIVE! This party band is everything that the other bands aren’t. Now Booking for this year and beyond. Rock The House LIVE can be reserved for your entertainment or can be added to any DJ / MC package for the ultimate in wedding event entertainment.

Not only will Rock The House provide your event with exceptional entertainment, but their event planners and coordinators will give you guidance throughout the entire event process. Whether you need information on wedding venues in Cleveland or just someone to vent to, Rock The House will be there every step of the way.

As top DJs in Cleveland, we take pride in treating every event individually and providing superior service. Rock The House is willing to travel for events and has entertained throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania. Entertaining is our passion and Rock The House will make any event exceed your guests’ expectations.




  • DJ EV - S.W.A.P. 2016 BLACKOUT

    DJ EV - S.W.A.P. 2016 BLACKOUT



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ROCKstar of the Month of June: Jeremy Guffin

Posted on June 26, 2016 in All Posts

Meet Jeremy Guffin, our RTH Rockstar of the month for June! Already halfway through his fourth season with Rock The House, Jeremy has worked his way through the company. Jeremy started as a shop technician and is now one of our Event Leads and a promising Lighting Designer.


A born leader, Jeremy loves stepping up and taking command of a team. Jeremy says  ”I enjoy leading a team because it lets me show my older and newer leadership skills, and I like the risks and rewards that come with a successful show!”

A Few Fun Facts About Jeremy Guffin:

  • Guilty pleasure song? ”Sugar We’re Going Down” by Fallout Boy
  • Pre-event snack? A classic PB&J
  • Post event snack? COLD BEER (No food, just beer.)
  • What lineup of three artists would be at your dream concert? Foo Fighters, Earth, Wind, & Fire, & Disturbed.
  • Best part about being on the Rock The House team? I like the personal satisfaction of having control of the atmosphere. Until you see a room elegantly designed, you don’t notice the impact of lighting until it’s not there. Also teamwork: It is important to have a well-developed staff, but it’s also good knowing they are willing to learn. Jeremy enjoys providing guidance to other RTH team members.
  • Favorite event you have performed with Rock The House? ”Our Edgewater Live Summer Concert series. I love it because it’s a great environment, a free event to the public, and I love working with the Metroparks.”


As much as Jeremy enjoys working for Rock The House, he says that his other dream job would be to become a professional musician. Jeremy is a great addition to the RTH team, and can always be counted on to make an event the best it can possibly be.

“Jeremy is a true asset to the team.  His team mentality helps everyone around him perform at a higher level, while continually pushing himself to further his knowledge and experience base.  Even if something snags him up, you know it will only be temporary, and he will come back in full force.” – Ben Allison, Production Manager

Interested in working with Jeremy for your next event? Contact our team of event professionals today to get started!

ROCKstar of the Month of May: Nick Lockhart

Posted on May 9, 2016 in Disc Jockeys,Industry Professionals

For the month of May, our ROCKstar is none other than MC/DJ/Dancer Nick Lockhart. We have had the pleasure of working with Nick at Rock The House for the past 4 years. He never fails to bring energy and personality to every event he works at Rock The House.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.28.41 AM

Reliable, personable, humble, resourceful and always a team player, Nick never lets minor hiccups interrupt his ever-positive perspective on the work we do as entertainers.  We are honored to call Nick a member of our RTH family.

Lets get to know Nick a little better now, shall we?

Nick, what is your favorite…

  • Guilty pleasure song? Take On Me by A-HA
  • Pre-event snack? Gushers
  • Post event snack? Chinese food
  • Cartoon character that best describes you? Gerald from Hey Arnold
  • Best part about being on the Rock The House team? Going on events and making people happy. Being able to get to dance and have a good time is what it’s all about.
  • Favorite event you have performed with Rock The House? The first Bar Mitzvah I ever Emceed. Everything seemed to go wrong, but it was a great experience and the client had no idea! Everyone had an amazing time.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.29.00 AM


Fun fact

It takes Nick 5-10 minutes to do his hair every day. However, he is always tending to it throughout the day to make sure it stays looking fresh. Nick has been rocking this hairstyle for 4 years now.

“Nick is an invaluable asset to Rock The House because of his ability to perform at ANY type of event. Whether he is asked to get the dance floor rocking with his DJ skills, dance skills, or rock his mic skills, he answers every time. It’s been a pleasure to see him grow from a talented but shy 17-year-old, to a talented and charismatic young man.” – Travis Rose, Talent Director

Do you want Nick to be apart of your next event? Contact our team of event pros to get started!


How To: Throw The Best Sports Viewing Party… EVER.

Posted on May 4, 2016 in Lighting & Drapery

With our very own Cleveland Cavaliers marching their way through the NBA playoffs, friends and families all over Greater Cleveland are coming together to cheer on our team.

As we all know, a night out at any sporting event can be VERY costly. From tickets, to transportation, food, and beverages, a simple night out can turn into a credit card on a respirator with a hole burnt in your pocket (and soul).

All of that “moolah” spent on a night out for two? Why not allocate and relocate the fandom and host a viewing party that ALL of your friends and family can enjoy?

RTH is seasoned in the art of throwing parties. Let us tell you how to throw the BEST sports viewing party EVER that the neighborhood will never stop talking about.

Light Up The Night

Illuminate your home with your team colors. That way, there is no room for misunderstanding where the party is. Your guests will not only arrive to your party without problem, but also will begin to feel the team spirit even before walking in!

The Bigger, The Better

Turn your home into your own personal viewing theater and rent a huge LED monitor for your guests. Your once “average” viewing party with a 40-inch TV is taken to a whole new level when your home turns into a professional theater with a 70-inch viewing screen.

Video Screen Rentals

Let’s Get Loud

Blow your guests’ minds (and not your speakers) by having a team of professionals install top-of-the-line surround sound in your home for the game. The sound system will bring the “just walked into the stadium” feeling straight to your home. Feeling as if you are at the game, while enjoying the comfort of sitting on a familiar couch seems like a win-win in any book!

Viewing Party Screen Rental

Take Things Outside

Don’t want to mess up the entire house with people trafficking in and out? That’s ok. Set up your watch party in a tent in your yard. Your guests will enjoy themselves in a new and exciting setting and you won’t worry about footprints tracking through your home from travel throughout the house.

The Whole Nine Yards

Can’t find a sitter? Don’t panic. The kids can be entertained by renting giant, interactive games to play during time outs. This way, mom and dad can enjoy their time and no child is left bored. Seldom can parents drag their kids to an “adult” party that they will enjoy, but life-size tic-tac-toe will bring the fun out of anyone!


How do you execute a party to such a degree? Do not fret, because when it comes to execution, Rock The House always nails it. Let us provide products and assist you while you throw the best viewing party of the season, in the comfort of your own home!